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Why Get An Appraisal? Below are just some of the reasons that knowing the value of your property can help you

  • Thinking of selling your home? Real estate markets can be hard to read and an appraisal can help to determine a good listing or asking price.
  • Thinking of buying a home? If you are planning to pay cash an appraisal can be a useful tool when making an offer.
  • Are you a lender? Appraisals for mortgage financing UAD compliant loans, general purpose portfolio loans and FHA loans can be prepared by our knowledgeable appraisers.
  • Want to remove your PMI? An appraisal is usually required by the lender.
  • Want to reinstate a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)? An appraisal is often required in order to determine current market value of your property.
  • Need to plan or settle an estate? An appraisal is made as of a specific date of value and can help with estate planning and estate settlement.
  • Getting a divorce? An appraisal can help with valuing a shared interest.
  • Need expert witness testimony? An appraisal can be prepared by a knowledgeable appraiser.
  • Want to challenge your real estate taxes? An appraisal can help to reduce property taxes if your property has been assessed too high.
  • Need an insurable value? Insurance companies often require an appraisal to determine the best coverage for your property.
  • Need a second opinion? A review appraisal can assist with determining the accuracy of a prior appraisal.